Email Signatures for Outlook, Smartphones and Tablets

  • Control your company's email signatures with one click

  • Designed for organizations of all sizes

  • Accelerate your social network and community growth

  • How eMailSignature works

  • Also available as a cloud solution, eMailSignature 365

  • eMailSignature on-premise is perfect for you...
  • Designed to scale with any organization
  • Use your peer-to-peer email to grow your social networks
  • How eMailSignature works
  • If you prefer a SaaS solution...
  • if you have dedicated IT resources

    if you have only domain users

    if your Exchange Server is on-premise

    if you need email signatures on emails sent from smartphones/tablets

    if you use Outlook via Citrix/TS

    if you want to merge data from AD or similar data source into your signature

    We also offer our software as a SaaS/cloud version, if you prefer not to have an on-premise installation:


    Comparison chart
    eMailSignature on-premise Xink
    Download Browser-based Login
    Modular design Scales to support 1000's of users
    IT expertise needed  No IT expertise required
    Desktop/Server Web/Client App
    Logon script, GPO etc. Install applet on PC for Outlook (desktop) 
    Desktop-based administration Browser-based administration
    IT installs and updates software Automatic software updates
    IT delegates management Self-managed
    Outlook (Win) + Mobile + Outlook Web/Exch on prem Outlook (Win/Mac) + Mobile + Outlook Web/Office 365
    All + OUs/Groups + individuals All + Rules + individuals
    Active Directory + SQL data sources Active Directory on prem + AD Azure + SQL data source (API integration)
    Domain users Domain + non-domain users
    Schedule marketing messages Schedule marketing messages(incl. click tracking)
    Visible when hitting 'New E-mail' Visible when hitting 'New E-mail'
    Updates during domain logon Updates every 15 min.
  • eMailSignature on-premise is not a one size fits all approach. We understand organizations are unique and have different requirements, which is why we have designed eMailSignature to have a variety of options.


    Lightweight agent installed on your Exchange server which will add the signature to all outgoing emails based on pre-defined rules.

    Build clever, creative engaging email signatures that include images, links, social media icons, advertisements, news feeds and more.

    Outlook Web Access (OWA) module
    With eMailSignatures Outlook Web module, the same signature that appears in Outlook can now appear on emails sent remotely through Outlook Web Accces (OWA).

    Use email signature information from existing data sources with advanced rule-based deployment. This is more flexible than using Active Directory OUs/groups.

    Offer other user's signatures to assistants and others who have the need to send on behalf of other users.

    The PhoneBook is designed to provide an efficient means of keeping your user contact data accurate and current in your Active Directory.

  • We have made it easy to link employees email signatures to your company’s social network profiles.

    Choose from a range of stylish email signature templates or create your own with links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, RSS etc.

    For example, you can choose to link to your company's LinkedIn account or you can allow employees to link to their personal LinkedIn profile.

  • eMailSignature consists of three components:

    1 • Management interface

    The management interface is where you design email signatures and manage deployment. The application is installed on a PC - or server if you prefer. You can install the aplication in marketing/communications and assign management to the responsible department.

    2 • Back-end database

    All settings made in the management interface are saved in the back-end database. An Access database is included in the download package and can be used during trial. Create the eMailSignature database on existing SQL Server in 2 min. (or setup SQL Express).

    3 • Small executable

    A small executable (which we call sign.exe) is executed with a parameter to the back-end database. Sign.exe is typically executed centrally from the NETLOGON share or using GPO. Sign.exe identifies the user, looks up user's details in the database and deploys complete signature to the email client.

  • Xink is easy to setup and run:


Some examples of our customer's signatures