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  • Technical manuals and guides
  • Need help?
    We've got you covered
  • eMailSignature can be implemented in almost all environments
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  • Install and configure eMailSignature
    In less than an hour

    Administer eMailSignature
    Getting started guide and how to assign management to non-technical employees.

    Upgrade from v8.x
    Estimate a few minutes.

    Upgrade from v7.x
    Estimate 30 min.

    eMailSignature releases
    Get the full release history back to version 7.5 from 2011.
    If you need the release history dating back to 2003, please contact us.

    Install and configure the eMailSignature Mobile module
    Ensure your email looks professional when sent from smartphones and tablets.

    Install and configure the Outlook Web module
    Ensure professional emails when sent from Outlook Web (visible when composing the email).

    Configure the PhoneBook module
    Update contact information in Active Directory (permissions are required).

    How to use the Marketing module
    Put your products, services, events and news in front of your clients. Schedule and target to groups of employees.

    Configure the Integration module
    Pull information from a MS SQL data source using rule-based deployment.
    Also used when integrating with SharePoint (custom projects).

    How to use the Assistant module
    Emails sent by an assistant using the ‘Send on Behalf of’ feature of Exchange will use the email signature data from the manager - and not the assistant.

    Configure the vCard module
    Create linked vCards based on users contact details in Active Directory.

    Configure the AD Update module
    Quickly update and maintain user information in Active Directory.

    How to use the Disclaimer module
    Statements usually of a legal nature or use it for ‘static’ marketing messages (e.g. social media links).

    Configure the BlackBerry module
    Email signatures are deployed to the BB Smartphones through BES.

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    Support type
    Initial technical setup and getting started email signatures
    Troubleshooting email signatures
    Training    email signatures 1
    Custom email signature design
    Best Practice design guidelines email signatures
    Code therapy    email signatures 1
    Live Chat email signatures
    Email email signatures
    Forums email signatures
    LinkedIn group email signatures
    Remote    email signatures 1
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    1) Hourly rate may apply.

  • Supported clients:
    Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

    Supported email platforms:
    Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000.
    Outlook/Office 365.
    Outlook Web/Office 365.
    Outlook Web/Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 (with OWA module).

    Supported devices:
    Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, tablets etc (with Mobile Module).

    Supported mail servers:

    Exchange On-premise 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 (only required with Mobile or OWA modules).
    Exchange Online/Office 365.
    Google Apps (with Outlook/Windows).

    Deployment methods and supported platforms:
    Execute eMailSignature through login script, VB script and KIX.
    Group Policy.
    3rd party deployment platforms.
    Citrix all versions.
    Terminal Server all versions.

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