Protect and enhance your company’s brand and
promote your products, services, special events and news in your everyday peer-to-peer email communications.
  • Manage email signatures in the cloud or on-premise

  • Since 2003: a 10-year track record of product excellence

  • Manage Email Signatures Centrally - for all users

    1. Easy setup and administration, via the cloud or on premise.
    2. Pull information from Active Directory and SQL data sources.
    3. Assign email signatures to everyone, to specific OUs/groups, individuals or by rules.
    4. 100% automated, no end-user involvement required.
    5. No complex end-user installation requirements.
    6. Ensure everyone is in brand and legal compliance.
  • Works with Your Existing Microsoft Infrastructure

    1. Support for both domain and non-domain users.
    2. Outlook/Windows/Office 365 (all versions in mixed environment).
    3. Outlook/Citrix/Terminal Server.
    4. Outlook Web Access via Exchange Server.
    5. Smartphones and tablets via Exchange Server.
    6. Active Directory and SQL data sources.

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